Harm Reduction Treatment (HART) For Substance Use

What is harm reduction?

Harm reduction is a broad set of compassionate pragmatic approaches that aim to reduce substance-related harm and improve quality of life.

What is harm reduction treatment (HaRT)?

HaRT is an evidence-based practice in which 3 components are delivered compassionately and pragmatically:

  • Client-led tracking of preferred metrics
  • Harm-reduction goal-setting
  • Safer-use strategies
  • What is HaRT Training?

    HaRT training is a web-based, 3-part training series with a bimonthly consultation session. In the training series, we will discuss, demonstrate and role play the practice of HaRT in clinical and community-based applications.

    Session 1: 
    Harm Reduction Theory and Evidence base (1.5 hrs)
    Session 2: 
    Translating the HaRT mindset and heartset into clinical/counseling practice (3.5 hrs)
    Session 3: 
    Role playing harm-reduction assessment/tracking, goal-setting and safer-use-strategies (3.5 hrs)

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