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HaRT3S will be offering a public Harm Reduction Treatment (HaRT) for Substance Use Training October 4 & 5, 2023! HaRT training is a web-based, 2-part training series with two case consultation sessions. In the training series, we will discuss, demonstrate, and roleplay the practice of HaRT in clinical and community-based applications.

Session 1: Harm Reduction Theory & Evidence Base; Translating the HaRT Mindset & Heartset into Practice

In this session, we will go over the basic definitions and applications of harm reduction and harm reduction treatment. We will also review the rationale–ethical, research and clinical–for harm reduction for substance use. We will then translate the harm reduction mindset and heartset into clinical/counseling practice.

Session 2: HaRT Toolbox

In this session, we will cover how to integrate harm-reduction assessment and client-led tracking, harm-reduction goal-setting, and safer-use strategies. There will be a lot of interactive exercises and role-plays in breakout rooms.

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